Our Morning Call: (Given to Paid Members Only)

27-06-12 10:08 Sell Lead @ 100.8T1:100.3 T2:99.5 SL above:,101.9 SecondSell:101.4 -www.Commodity20.com

Base Metals Update @ 1:30 PM

LME Inventory:

  • Copper  UP      1625
  • Zinc    UP      1525
  • Lead    UP      475
  • Nickel  UP      6
  • Aluminum        DOWN    -10825

Cancelled warrant ratio :       

  • Copper  DOWN     (0.24)
  • Zinc    DOWN     (0.21)
  • Lead    DOWN     (0.16)
  • Nickel  UP       0.33


Metal inventories witnessed stockpiling except Aluminum while the cancelled warrants have declined consecutively for the third day. Overall it may continue to have negative impact on metal prices

Morning Premium Call Update :

6/27/2012 13:35 Book Profit in Lead,All Targets Achieved,Cmp:99.50Profit:6500+perlot- www.Commodity20.com


Evening Update : 05:00 PM
As foreseen in our morning calls base metal futures have declined by 0.2 to 1 percent and are presently trading mixed with Aluminum and Copper in the positive territory. The Asian equities closed with mild gains and the European equities are also slightly positive. Lower German consumer prices supported slight gains in the shared currency and the same is slightly up by 0.06 percent against the greenback. Fundamentally, cancelled warrants have declined indicating weak spot activity and may continue to weaken base metals in the evening. However, better durable goods order and increased pending home sales may provide slight respite to the metals pack. Therefore, positive expectation in the evening releases may support gains and we recommend initiating fresh selling positions expectation weak development ahead of the Euro-summit. Aluminum inventories have declined consecutively for the third day and may restrict much downside in the evening. Overall we expect base metals to remain weak for the rest of the evening session.

Update : Free Strategy Positional Call Given on 21.06.12,01:32 PM: Sell Zinc @ Cmp:104.30,Buy Aluminium @ Cmp:104.8,Current Different : 0.5 point,Expected :3, StopLoss: -3 points (Look – 15 Days) @ 21.06.12,01:32 PM

Update 1 : Given on 22.06.12, Recommended to Hold the positions for Targets. 

Update 2:

Book Full Profit in Zinc-Aluminium Strategy Positional call:

Zinc : Sold@104.30, Cmp:100.90, Aluminum: Bought @ 104.8, Cmp:104.8,

Call Given at Difference of 0.5 point, Current Difference: 3.9 points,

Everyone Book Full Profit: Rs.17,500+ per lot @27.06.12,09:55 PM

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