Silver July MCX : Prices are likely to remain lower as long as 54850 resistance holds. Those who are holding short position can keep stoploss above the same. CMP 54678

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Silver- Mini -June- MCX> Sell 1st Lot@ Cmp:54650-80,2nd Lot:54780-800 TP 55501 then 55351 SL above 55001

@15.06.12,9:00 PM

Natural Gas

Natural gas June MCX : Key support level to watch for intraday is at 135 levels, which is likely to hold upside view. Resistances are seen at 141/143.

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Momentum traders can go for long position near 135-136 levels for possible target of 141 levels with stoploss below 133.  CMP 138


Nickel June MCX : Prices are expected to trade lower for intraday. Momentum traders can go for selling on pullbacks as long as 942 resistance remains intact. Downsie potential is seen till 918/912. CMP 937.8

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Nickel June MCX : Sell at Cmp:937.50-939.50 TP 932.5/926.5/919.5/914.5 SL above 950.

This View is Purely Intraday : Update will be Provided  @ 10:30 PM

Updates @ 10:30 PM

SILVER CALL: Target1 Was Achieved,Sold @ 55650-80,Low Made:54428,Profit: 200 Points in Silver

Nickel Call:Target1 Was Achieved,Sold @ 937.50,Low Made:932.10,Profit: 5 Points in Nickel

Natural Gas Call : Entry Not Initiated Yet


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