Gold Update at 7PM : After a long consolidation prices have seen some correction in hourly chart. Strong support is at 29950 levels (trend line support) which are likely to limit the downside fall. Overall, trading range expected to be 29950-30110 levels for an hour. . Either side breakout would clear the direction. Gold Comex prices are still hovering at 1616.60 levels and witnessing support at 1613-1614. Sustain above these levels may help prices to bounce back. CMP 30020

Free Recommendation (HIGH RISK) : Goldmini July MCX : Buy 1st lot at 29870-29885, 2nd lot at 29790-29810 TP 30140/30270 SL below 29600. CMP 29865   @05/06/12 7:00PM


Gold Update at 8PM: Prices are still holding the support of 29950 levels and currently hovering at 30020 levels. Break above 30060 may help the prices to test 30110 followed by 30156 levels. Gold Comex prices are likely to move in the band of $1612-1624 levels. Only a significant break above $1624 would confirm further uptrend for intraday. CMP $1619. We suggest buying on dips as long as 29950 sustains

Free Recommendation (Update) : Book Profit in 2nd lot of GoldM, Bought at 29800,Cmp:29900,One Can Book Profit of 100 Points ,and add another Lot again if make Dips Again, Hold the First Lot For Target,  @05/06/12 8:32 PM

Free Recommendation (Update Final) : Book Profit in All lots of GoldM, Bought at 29800 & 29870 29900,Cmp: 30120, Book Profit of 285 Points per lot ,

Free Calls Profit :

1st Booked 100 Points, (Buy-29800-Sell-29900)

2nd Lot: 250 Points, (Buy-29870-Sell-30120)

3rd Lot : 320 Points (Buy-29800-Sell-30120)

Total Profit : 670 Points in GOLD Free Call ,Rs.6700/- @06/06/12 1:22 PM

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