Gold Update at 2PM:  Prices have broken resistance level of $1630 in the previous hour.  Intraday possible targets are seen at $1655/1660 levels and previous resistance $1630 might act as an intraday support. Expected range for next hour: $1630/1642. Gold Aug MCX: Expected levels for next hour are 30121-30270on higher side basis. Recommend to buy on dips.

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Gold Update at 3 PM: Prices are likely to see some dips before resuming its uptrend. Key support level to watch for intraday is at 30155 levels, which is likely to hold positive view for intraday. We suggest buying on dips as long as 30155 remains intact. Gold comex prices are likely to move in the band of 1631-1639 with upside bias. CMP 1634.8. CMP 30197

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Goldmini July MCX : Bought 1st Lot at 30020,Cmp: 30120,One Can book Minimum Profit of 100 Points.. Call is Still Active,Buy Again on Dips. @06/06/12 4:00PM

Gold Update 4 PM : Gold prices are trading at 30217 levels up by 0.69%, Gold prices have immediate resistance of 30250 once break this levels then it may test 30295 levels while prices have support of 30180 if breaks it may fall and touch 30130 levels. Overall expected range for coming hour is 30130-30295

Gold Update 6 PM: Prices are trading higher at 30258 levels as expected earlier. Immediate resistance is seen at 30295 levels. Break above the same we might see further upside gains till 30360/30410. Key support level to watch for intraday is at 30155 levels. Gold Comex prices are likely to remain higher as long as 1630 remains intact. For intraday traders we suggest buying on dips. CMP 1637.90.

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Goldmini July MCX : Bought 2nd Time 1st Lot at 30020,Cmp: 30117,One Can book Minimum Profit of 100 Points.Again. Call is Still Active,Buy Again on Dips. @06/06/12 6:18PM

Gold Update at 7PM:  Prices are trading at 30227 up by 0.72%. Momentum indicator RSI-14 is witnessing formation of negative divergence which is supporting factor for gold futures to correct up to support levels before going to continue bull rally. Supports are seen at 30170/30110 levels. Resistances are seen at 30254/30340. Overall trend is bullish recommend to buy on dips.

Gold Update at 8PM: Since last 5 trading hours prices are hovering in the range of 30140-30280 levels. If we observe hourly price chart momentum indicator RSI-14 is corrected from 0.800 to 0.550. Based on this technical clue we might expect prices to breach treading range in this hour and expecting to make new day high. Recommend to buy on dips

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Goldmini July MCX Call : Same Call Activated 3rd time,Low: 29884,Hope you all Entered at this Dip again,Hold the Positions with given SL. @06/06/12 8:08PM

Gold Update 9 PM: Prices were seen treading in a band of 1633-1642 for the past 6 hours at Comex platform. If prices fail to breach the support at $1633 it is expected to remain higher. Break above $1642 would trigger fresh buying towards $1651 followed $1658. Gold Aug MCX future prices are at 30170 levels. Our Gold mini July buy initiated at 29990-30020 is in progress. Recommend to maintain given stop loss below :29800,Cmp:30030

Gold Update 10 PM: Narrow range of trading is observed within the band of $1633-1642 form the earlier update. We expect the same trend to continue for this hour. Only a break below $1633 may signal for intraday dips towards 1629/1624 levels. Gold Aug MCX is expected to move in the band of 30130-30220. CMP 30165

Gold Update 10:30 PM to 11:30PM: Prices have breached the mentioned support level at $1633 levels and currently hovering at $1631.6 levels. Supports are seen till $1627/1624 levels, which are likely to limit the downside fall. At MCX prices have breached the support at 30130 levels and witnessed correction. For intraday 29990 would be the key level to watch, where as for weekly 29720 would be the key level to watch

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