Date : 06.06.12, Wednesday

Date Time Event Actual Forecast Previous
08:00 Low Crude Oil Inventories -0.111M -0.488M 2.213M
08:00 Gasoline Inventories 3.346M 0.708M -0.833M

DOE Crude Oil Inventory data Update:  

Crude Oil  Actual : -111 K  Survey: -500K, Prior: 2213K

Gasoline    Actual :  3346K  Survey: 950K, Prior:    -833K

Distillate   Actual :  2253K  Survey: -250K, Prior:-1709K 

Ref. utilization 1.90%   Actual :  %  Survey: 0.50%, Prior: 1.00%

Impact : Slightly Positive for Crude Oil Prices, Cmp: 4741

Our Momentum Call, Buy Crude @ Cmp:4744,T1:4764,T2:4794,SL:4687 – @06/06/12 8:02PM

Crude oil inventories have declined first time after 11 weeks, where as gasoline and disillate inventories have increased to meet the upcoming summer demand. Refiner have increased their capacity utilization. Overall,  the data may have some positive effect and we might see some upside gains for intraday.


Crude Momentum Call Update : Buy Given @ 4744,High Made : 4770,Target1 was Achieved,Profit: Rs.2000+ per lot @06/06/12 08:12 PM

Update : 

We Still Hold Positive View for Crude Oil,One Can Buy Again on Dip around 4700-4720, With The Same Given SL and Targets of Above call, Cmp: 4752 @06/06/12 08:39 PM

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